Terms and conditions


By signing up via the Brandheroes.com website or any link provided, you agree that You (in the following “the Influencer”) have entered into an agreement with Brandheroes ApS company reg. no. 37380865 , (in the following “BRANDHEROES”) regarding the Influencer’s  promotion of the brand (in the following “BRAND”) associated with your signup, and you accept the following terms & conditions of this agreement”.

1.    The relationship between the Parties

1.1.    The Influencer is appointed as an independent contractor.

1.2.    The Influencer acknowledges and agrees that its relationship with BRANDHEROES and the BRAND is that of an independent contractor, and there is no employment relationship between BRANDHEROES the BRAND and The Influencer.

2.    Obligations of the Influencer

2.1.    The Influencer is obliged to do at least the agreed upon posts on Instagram (the “Instagram Posts”) during the collaboration period, cf. article 6.1.

2.2.    Each Instagram Post must focus on the products or services received from the BRAND or BRANDHEROES according to article 3.1. The Influencer is obligated to post the Instagram Posts on Instagram using the hashtags and profiles or locations agreed upon in the signup

2.3.   When posting the Instagram Posts on the Influencer’s own Instagram or any other media whether physical or electronic, the Influencer is required to notify the public that the content is advertisement and sponsored by the brand or store. The Notification should be by adding Sponsored by @brand/store  the beginning of your caption. 

2.4.    The Influencer consent in that BRANDHEROES may contact the Influencer regarding requests to promote other brands that BRANDHEROES promotes and represent.

3.    Obligations

3.1.    The Influencer will receive the products or services agreed upon in the signup during the collaboration period, cf. article 6.1.

3.2.    It is the responsibility of the Influencer to defray any tax required by national legislation in the Influencer’s country of residence.

4.    Intellectual Property Rights

4.1.    The Influencer grants BRANDHEROES and the BRAND a right to use the Instagram Posts as well as other material that may be generated according to this Agreement for advertising and promotional purposes in marketing material, including but not limited to use in catalogues, magazines, websites, newsletters and social medias such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This usage right is not subject to any geographical restrictions and is valid for an indefinite period of time.

Furthermore, the Influencer agrees that BRANDHEROES and the BRAND is entitled in a fair manner to use the Influencer’s name and image in relation to PR purposes.

5.    Confidentiality

5.1.    The Influencer may not disclose, use or take advantage of any confidential information, which the Influencer may have obtained during the cooperation with BRANDHEROES and the BRAND.

5.2.    Violation of the obligations in this paragraph shall be considered a fundamental breach of contract and the Influencer may be held liable for damages caused thereby.

6.    Duration and Termination

6.1.    The Agreement is effective from the date of the Influencer’s sign up and is valid for the agreed upon months from the effective date. Hereafter the Agreement terminates without further notice.

6.2.    The Agreement may be terminated, by either Party, without cause and liability by giving 30 calendar days’ of written notice of such termination to the other Party, in this case to either BRANDHEROES, the BRAND or the Influencer.

7.    Choice of Law and Venue

7.1.    This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark.

7.2.     Any disputes relating to or arising out of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the City Court of Aalborg as first instance.